New Person-To-Person® Home Telephone Management System
Gives You Total Control of Your Household Telephone…and Your Life!

New Easy-to-Use Telephone Receiver Eliminates Unwanted Calls, Controls Where and When Your Phone Rings, and much more!
Springdale, AR (April 2004) – For many people, the household telephone is considered more foe than friend due to unwanted calls from telemarketers, middle-of-the night wrong numbers and frequent calls for teenagers or other individual family members. Although today, many phones have caller ID features and new laws restrict annoying telemarketers, unwanted calls still get through and phones still ring for the teenager upstairs to turn a peaceful evening at home into a 3-ring circus.

The New Person-to-Person® Household Telephone Manager, from Solutions Marketing, Inc. is the revolutionary solution that lets you take total control of your household phone easily, effectively and affordably. Incorporating Interceptor ID™® Technology with Caller ID from your phone service provider, this simply designed compact system connects to your existing phone and allows calls from friends and family to come right through, while blocking unwanted calls from unknown parties and pesky telemarketers. By adding Person-to-Person® Receivers to individual phones in your home, you can
route calls to specific phones in the home while keeping the other phones silent. It’s also a great money-saver, because the system requires only one incoming phone line.

It’s easy to set up – With Person-to-Person® your own personal database is created automatically as incoming and outgoing calls occur, allowing only those approved numbers to ring in the home. The PARENTAL CONTROL feature lets parents temporarily stop after-hours calls from routing to teenage phones for a particular period of time, and the special SLEEP TIMER function, puts your phone in silent mode, routing all calls to your answering machine or voice mail, so no calls ring into your home to disturb dinner, your favorite TV program, or the baby’s sleep.

“We are very excited to introduce the first system that finally brings control of the phone back into the home” said Randy Meier, President of Solutions Marketing, Inc. “No longer do we you have to worry about what list your phone number made it on, or your teenager’s friends calling right in the middle of dinner, or someone from a different time zone calling at the crack of dawn. You can finally determine who you want to talk to and when. With Person-to-Person® you ARE in control of your phone.”

The Person-to-Person® System allows you to store more than 175 records in its system which can include specific phone numbers, all phone numbers from a particular area code, and family or business names. Once you program the Person-to-Person® System, the phone manager will automatically determine which calls you wish to receive and which should be routed to voicemail or a personal answering machine. And because you can establish a separate answering machine or fax to each phone connected to the Person-to-Person® System, it is ideal for home business owners who need a cost effective business phone system.

About The Person-to-Person® System
Solutions Marketing Inc. is proud to launch the first of its many innovative products into the consumer market. The Person-to-Person® System is currently available online at for $99.95 (MSRP) and will be available at select retailers later this Spring. Additional receivers are available for $29.95 (MSRP) and stand-alone FaxFirewall units are sold for $79.95 (MSRP).