Person-To-Person Features

Personal Data Base
Create a personal data base utilizing all outgoing and in-coming calls. The Person-to-Person® Unit can then be set to allow only those approved numbers to ring into the home.
Parental Control
Set up the timer feature to stop any calls from routing to teenage phones for a particular period of time.
Caller ID
Acts as a standard Caller ID tracking all in-coming and outgoing calls.
Routing Override
Any phone can be answered even when a call is routed to a particular phone.
Call Routing
Allows you to attach the Person-to-Person® Receiver to any phone on the same line and route calls to only that phone while keeping the other phones silent. Terrific for home based businesses and children’s phone extensions. Works only with the phones connected to the line via a phone jack.Each phone connected to a receiver can have an individual answering machine in place to handle person specific messages.
The Person-to-Person® unit can handle up to 4 receivers.
Sleep Function
Allows you to put your phone system into a silent mode. ALL calls route to the answering machine and NO calls will ring into the home. This function is perfect for baby’s nap time or bedtime until morning. You can set the sleep timer for up to 6 hours.

Call Screen Timer

Set the Person-to-Person® Unit to screen during a designated period of time. This function works well during dinner time and the overnight time frame.
Calls made from phones outside the home that are not stored in the database have the ability to override the system with a code. This is important for kids and family members needing to reach the home.
Call Screening/Blocking
this level allows you to determine which calls you will let ring into your home. All calls that are blocked are routed to the answering machine and your phones will not ring. The answering machine captures all messages, so that important calls are not missed.